sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

sunrise over swamps

on July 6, 2011

Winter sunrise.

Cold and dark.

The swirl of deep blue storm clouds rushing across the horizon, framed by bare-branched trees.

It is cold here, southern and wild, in this city positioned on the far edge of the world.

My mind turns to wetlands. Vast expanses of water and grasses, plovers and crows, magpies and ibis. Dark colours and tangled shadows.

My soul longs to run to the dark, to the shadows, to the continual night beneath the trees: but sunrise breaks through.

Piercing light drives through the heavy clouds.

I cannot escape the light – this yellow, pale winter sun that barely touches the southern lands.

And You are here. I cannot hide from Your presence. You break through the darkness, the clouds, the torments.

Thus I seek to compose my eternal ode to You.

Beginning now, when I struggle to take in the light, when I struggle to stand exposed in the glare, and You meet me here – in the wilderness, in the swamps, of my lonely journey.


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