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Thousand Needles and Floating Me, The Hi-Fi, Melbourne

on July 17, 2011
Thousand Needles in Red

Jon Stockman - Floating Me

16 July 2011

I took the above two photos on my Nokia 6300 mobile phone (with subsequent cropping and colour adjustments in iPhoto).

I love Floating Me‘s music, and their live show was fantastic.

Their bassist Jon Stockman is from the amazing band Karnivool, who I saw a month ago.  And Floating Me’s drummer Lucius Borich comes from the band Cog – yet another example of awesome Australian music.

Thousand Needles in Red put on a great show.  Their vocalist Clint Boge is also in the incredible Aussie band The Butterfly Effect.

Photo taken on an iPhone.

I was very happy I managed to say “Hi” to Floating Me’s singer Andrew Gillespie after their set. This is photographic proof! He was a member of the 1990s band Scary Mother… a little before my time (I was a little kid in the 90s) but I’ve looked up some of their clips on and from the sounds of it they were pretty amazing.

Floating Me – Sugar

Thousand Needles in Red – Brand New Day

And, for extended listening educational purposes…

Scary Mother – Lord of the Flies

The Butterfly Effect – 7 Days

Karnivool – Simple Boy

Cog – Bird of Feather

[photographs copyright F. Lokot 2011]

[links given here in good faith and believed to be correct at time of publishing]


4 responses to “Thousand Needles and Floating Me, The Hi-Fi, Melbourne

  1. annelouisep says:

    Sounds like it was a fantastic night! Nice photo of you with Andrew Gillespie. :-)They’re all great pics, especially considering they were taken on your phone!
    There is some excellent music there. Karnivool’s my favourite. I wonder if Lucius Borich is related to Kevin Borich, the guitar hero from the 70s. (Kevin Borich Express.)

    • fikalo says:

      Well, look at that – according to wikipedia, at least, there IS a family connection there. (Though all things wikipedia must be taken with a grain of salt!)

      Karnivool’s my favourite out of these bands, too!

  2. annelouisep says:

    That’s interesting. Well, Borich is an unusual name so it could easily be true!


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