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snippets of my life

on October 24, 2011

19 October 2011 - Melbourne, Australia

My life is pretty uneventful. Once in a while random things will occur to make it remotely interesting, but generally speaking I have to find my joy in the mundane. The very mundane.

So, I go for a walk along a polluted creek, and admire the sight of a bird perched in the branches of one of the many dead trees.

19 October 2011

Then I sit in a cafe and read the Ancient Christian mystics, taking copious notes and drinking a whole lot of coffee.

Sim City for iPhone

Then I play Sim City for a bit…

Sim City for iPhone

… and I don’t think I’ve ever played it without a cheat code…

21 October 2011

Then I (cruelly, perhaps) Instagram-ed this photo of a bunch of roses. The original photo was taken on an iPhone 4S. (All right, I did NOT intend to write a whole post of iPhone references but, as mentioned earlier, my life isn’t too exciting.) The 4S isn’t mine, it belongs to someone else in the house, but I do like the photos that come off the phone.

23 October 2011

Oh, look! Dandelions. Staring at them for half an hour will keep me mildly amused.

23 October 2011

It was a hot day, and I was feeling frustrated by my distance from the beach. I grew up in an area close to the coast, and I desperately miss the beach. So, I took some pavement chalk and a pile of seashells and created a temporary beach on the garden path. It didn’t really help a whole lot.

Oh, and I also graduated from university with an honours degree in arts (sociology). In Australian terms, it’s a requirement to get into postgraduate research, such as a doctorate. I got H2A (Second Class Honours, Division A).

I am wearing a mortarboard


2 responses to “snippets of my life

  1. annelouisep says:

    You have a fuller life than I do, Gunga Din. Nice pics.
    Nice seaside!
    Congratualtions on your graduation!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

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