sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

playing catch-ups on a month’s worth of photos, part one

on January 25, 2012

1. December 18, 2011

I took a lot of photos over December 2011 and January 2012. Literally hundreds, if not thousands. I didn’t bother counting them, but we seem to be going through 1 TB external harddrives faster than seems reasonable. Here’s a few.

1. I bought a new dress. More accurately, some very generous people gave me some vouchers for my favourite clothes store for my birthday and Christmas. [iPhone 4S, instagram]

2. December 19, 2011

2. I took a photo of my old Roman Catholic crucifix that I’ve had longer than I can recall. Here’s the thing: I am a member of a contemporary non-denominational Pentecostal mega-church. But I grew up in the Catholic church. And it apparently causes quite a stir and consternation among some Pentecostals when they catch me wearing this crucifix.

But it means something – it means a lot – to me. Apart from being a reminder of the sacrifice of Christ when He took on the burden of sin, it also connects me to the faith of my ancestors and generations past. And, as if it needed to be pointed out, Catholics DO believe in the Resurrection. Really.

The Cross is empty now, yes; but Christ’s literal death was the death that paid the price.

In the end, these are symbols that connect us to the mystery of faith. This is not a good luck charm, nor talisman. I don’t pray to my jewellery, I don’t pray to idols carved by a human’s hands. There is nothing to fear from symbols that connect us to faith. I am just as much a Christian without it.

And remember, always, that idols of the heart can come in so many forms. It is just as idolatrous to ascribe perfect and infallible wisdom to anyone other than God; this includes prophets, preachers, and Christian rockstars. Don’t let a little silver symbol of the passion of our Lord and Saviour send you into a panic.

And please excuse the chipped nail polish! [iPhone 3GS, instagram]

3. December 23, 2011

3. We went to an amazing garden tucked away in the nearby mountains. It was a hot day and we were unprepared for trekking up and down the very steep garden paths but it was a very pretty, tranquil place. [iPhone 3GS, camera+app]

4. December 23, 2011

5. December 23, 2011

6. December 23, 2011

7. December 23, 2011

8. December 23, 2011

9. December 23, 2011

4-9. More photos of the aforementioned garden. All taken on an iPhone 3GS.


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