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Insanely tight budget cooking with someone who cannot cook, Part 1

on June 4, 2012

Cooking and I simply don’t mix. I’m more than happy to eat (within my fussy boundaries as someone with some weird food allergies and a preference for dairy-free vegetarian meals); it’s just that creating the food in the first place doesn’t come naturally.

However, the necessity and burden of cooking has been circumstantially placed upon me for the duration of a three week period in which I have to feed three people on an absurdly tight budget.

To help me juggle the insanity of suddenly cooking for the household, I have been following some basic rules: choosing recipes for the week in advance; only shopping with a shopping list; trying to only go to the shops twice a week (to save on petrol and to reduce spending). It hasn’t been easy. To be honest, it’s been downright difficult. But it’s a chance to grow and there isn’t really another option.

To make things simpler, less expensive and satisfy my environmentalist-animal-loving-health conscious self, I decided I would cook vegan food. It’s just better. And, with the combined forces of three vegetarians, two of whom are already allergic to dairy, veganism covers all bases (as long as I don’t include any allergenic fruits in the meals – because two of us have different fruit allergies, meaning bananas, paw paws and kiwi fruits are out of the question).

So, in order to prove to people that I have, in fact, lived up to the challenge, I started taking photos of some of the meals I made.

Here are photos of some of the meals thus far.

1. Roasted potato, red onion, and red capsicum served on salad.

2. The salad – baby rocket, red kidney beans, and chopped flat parsley with a dash of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

3. A week’s worth of dinner ingredients.

4. Noodles with soy sauce-marinated organic firm tofu, red and green capsicum, bok choy, celery, all tossed together in a wok with cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil.

5. Tofu and vegetable salad with peanut satay sauce.

6. Enough vegetables to provide three people with at least four meals.


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