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And, in other news…

on March 29, 2013

I have started another blog. Where Sunrise Over Swamps is a repository of my stream of consciousness (which is largely concerned with cloud formations at sunrise and thoughts about live music &/or unicorns), my new blog The Night is as Bright as the Day is specifically concerned with spirituality. Specifically, I intend to use it as a writerly outlet for the ideas, poetry and prose that come to mind when I read the Scriptures and reflect on the peace, love, mercy, goodness and life of Jesus Christ.

I intend to deliberately avoid the stereotypical Christian debates and focus instead on the person of Christ. In a world where Christian religion is sadly synonymous with all kinds of un-Christ-like evil, violence, hatred, misogyny, intolerance and judgement, I believe that the fundamental message of Jesus Christ is that we can all find peace, mercy and hope in this life and in the life to come. I hope that what I share there will be meaningful to people from a variety of world views – but if religion and spirituality is really not your thing, don’t worry, here on Sunrise Over Swamps I will still lean more towards sporadically posting broader topics, including but not limited to instagramming photos of the sky, plant based and environmentally friendly philosophy, and the merits of the Australian live music scene.

You can find The Night is as Bright as the Day at:


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