sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Poetry Writing: Halfway Point

on April 16, 2013

I am half-way through my poetry writing challenge. So far I only missed one day, but I will make up for it!

Some things that I’ve noticed:

My writing is massively swayed by my moods. For better or for worse. If I am experiencing an emotional low, my writing is significantly “darker” than if I am feeling happy.

It’s also hard to write a whole new poem each day. It’s very hard. I work and draft and write and try to share something of decent quality, but it is not as good as writing, then leaving the piece aside and coming back to it at a later point for editing.

However, the positive outcome of the experience is the motivating factor of participating in a larger community of poets, of varying skill ranges and experience and style. So, I do write, and try to write, regardless of how I feel, rather than setting it aside waiting for those days of emotional overload that can be unleashed in writing.

Thank you to the blog readers out there who have been “liking” my posts. Fifteen more to go!


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