sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Poem 15 of 30

on April 16, 2013

We are the In-Between:

caught at the halfway point between death and life.

Halfway between the sadness of suffering and the joy of peace.

We see beauty marred by evil,

good tainted by filth,

and in sorrow we yet hope.


We are the Not-Yet-There:

journeying toward a bright point in a distant place.

We are travellers from an ancient land,

but we lost the way to our home.

So we fumble onwards

and wonder when the end will come.


Let us take hope in our low position,

knowing that the poor will be fed,

and the naked clothed.

Knowing that the innocent will be freed,

and the lost will be granted a guide

to lead them along the way.

This, the world yet to come,

is revealed to us in fragments and hints.


It is not fully here

but we see the whispers of it

with every tear shed,

with every time we choose

the path of peace.



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