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God’s Character

on April 30, 2013

I have just shared this on my other blog, “The Night is as Bright as the Day.”

The Night is as Bright as the Day

I was asked to write something on the character attributes of God, with an emphasis on the “nice” aspects. Now, that is not to deny the Scriptures that relate to God’s holiness, truth, judgement and so on, but rather to seek to bring some balance to a lot of treatments of Who God is.

Now, I write this with a massive amount of trepidation. It is all very well to pontificate from the confines of one’s house, lap top computer and hot drink in hand, and I do so with a significant amount of fear and trembling1: anyone who wants to teach the Bible should be aware that God’s judgement on such will be greater2. Voicing any kind of authority on issues pertaining to religion puts the writer in the precarious position of potentially influencing others – for better, or for worse. In addition, it has…

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