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Nanowrimo 2013 Journal – Days 21 to 24

on November 25, 2013

Thursday 21 November 2013. 11.01 PM.

Life has been a bit stressful lately. It’s hard to force myself to write when daily life feels like chaos.

Once I sat down to write, and tapped out a few hesitant sentences, finally the ideas began to flow. I have written more than I expected to achieve in the last 45 minutes. It’s like, when I write, the chaos keeps quiet for a brief moment and I can immerse myself in another world. It’s a world of my own making, where crises lead to meaning, where relationships are deliberate, where there is clarity about the dark depths of humanity’s past and yet the hope that the future might be a better place.

It’s late, and I was tempted to just hobble off to bed feeling defeated and weary, but writing has a strange way of energising me and enlivening me (as does, I imagine, the light emitted by the computer screen that may well be disrupting my sleeping patterns).

Current word count: 22, 934 words. 10 days left. 27, 066 words to go.

Saturday 23 November 2013. 2.26 PM.

Current word count: 24, 546 words. 25, 454 words to go.

I am going back through earlier chapters and adding context and detail to some sections. It’s interesting that the direction of my story and plans for it have changed so much since I began, that for consistency’s sake I need to ensure that my earlier material doesn’t contradict the later chapters.

Saturday 23 November 2013. 10.53 PM.

26, 924 words.

Sunday 24 November 2013. 8.58 PM.

Current word count: 27, 517 Words.

I’d write some philosophical tome on how I feel about nano right now, but… words… typing… effort.

Ideally I would have written 40,000 words by the end of today. It’s not going to happen. Instead I’m going to try to focus on the fact that in three weeks I’ve managed to write the longest manuscript so far that I’ve ever attempted. It’s longer than even my honours dissertation in my final year of university, and that thing took me two years of research and writing. So, as far as personal achievements go, I’m actually doing a lot better than anything I’ve ever tried – even if I’m behind schedule.

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