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Soil and Sacrament: A spiritual memoir of food and faith (2013). Fred Bahnson. New York: Simon & Schuster.

I started reading this book today and I am so, so glad it’s come into my life. In a well-timed fluke, last night I watched the documentary Symphony of the Soil – and I highly recommend it. It’s an absolute must-watch for people interested in the connections between ecology and agriculture.

This book, Soil and Sacrament, follows the personal spiritual journey of a Methodist pastor who travels to different faith and ethnic communities (Catholic, Protestant, Pentecostal and Jewish) where growing food and tending the Earth are central to spirituality.

The book is just beautiful, so far. Christendom desperately needs to take seriously the concerns of the environmentalist movements if we are ever to fulfil the mandates to tend God’s garden and to feed the hungry. It’s a relief and inspiration to read this book. And there’s lots of practical gardening advice woven through the text.

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Bookshelf: Currently Reading


BattleAxe by Sara Douglass (1995). Sydney: Voyager.

I’m currently sitting on page 314 out of 576. The more I read, the more absorbed I become in the amazing story.

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Is it March already?

I am amazed to see that my last post on here was November 2013. I can account for my absence: life got crazy. Really crazy. Between pulling the mini-mes out of their school, getting a kitten (thus proving to all that I am, indeed, the crazy cat lady I threatened to become), moving house, Christmas (the less said, the better) and just about everything else that life could throw at me in one summer, little things like “blogging” and “maintaining a social life” were thrown out the window. Things have barely settled but I am starting to find moments to waste time on iPhone games: between Tiny Death Star and Townsmen I have effectively drained my time to the point where I am eating, sleeping, and adding levels to an 8-bit space station with the weaponry to annihilate planets, or taxing angry little cartoon villagers while forcing them out into the snow to harvest wood.


As always happens when I go on a bit of a gaming frenzy, real life creeps in and eventually shakes me by the shoulders and cries, “You’re wasting time!” So, I reluctantly set aside the tantalising glow of the iPhone screen. Let’s face it, after I dropped my relatively new 5C in the toilet a few weeks back it hasn’t really glowed that much anyway. (I put it in a sealed ziplock bag with desiccant sachets, and that seemed to help. As did sticking it in a ziplock bag full of ground psyllium – though the psyllium gets everywhere!) I picked up some books that were sitting in a pile after we moved house. Ignoring the boxes that are yet to be unpacked, I have managed to make a good start on a few books. I hope to maybe review a few on here.


I follow the Anne Rice Facebook – I have done since I first joined the social networking site in 2007. And I notice that she is part of a campaign to get rid of trolls on book review sites. It’s such a good idea. I have generally only given reviews for books I actually read and liked – there’s no need to turn every corner of the Internet into a cesspool of human misery. I do have eclectic tastes – at the moment my bedside table has poetry manuals, fantasy novels, a Star Wars Expanded Universe guidebook (always Star Wars), and a book about historical Christian views of heaven and hell. If I can get onto it, and seeing as I often do Facebook status reviews of the books I’m reading anyway, perhaps it’d be nice to bring that back to the land of blog – where they might reach people that are actually interested. And I won’t be out to bully any authors!


In music news: I have been listening to classical music radio, folk metal, and iTunes radio. Also, if you like metal with an Aussie flavour, look at AndrewHaug.Com, an online heavy music radio station. In film and tv news: normally my response is, “I haven’t heard of it,” as generally I find the passive attention span necessary to watch tv is beyond me – I’d much rather be getting a high score in a video game! But I have been watching a lot of Star Trek. This, folks, is what happens when a Star Wars fan-woman (me) marries a Star Trek geek. We even went as far as naming our new kitten Commander Riker. I feel like such a traitor! 😉


I also recently helped set up a new little blog for someone I know, and you can check it out at Middle England Earth Art.



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