sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Poem 28 of 30

Burdened by grey skies and strange heat, as though nature didn’t make her mind today to be one thing or another. The weight of the unfallen rain settles on skin and the sun is lost behind desolate plains of cloud and bare branches.

The harsh light bathes the buildings and saps their colour. What was lifeless now becomes waste and warning, a warning to all that the meaning found in untouched soil and living trees is strangled by the grip of man’s hand and left for dead on mounds of bricks and poison.


Poem 7 of 30

I went outside to watch the clouds,

hoping to lie on the grass and watch them drift and morph across the sky,

taking on new forms and shapes, but

the sun had burnt away the clouds

and there was nothing but clear and empty blue

stretched over and above me.



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Passing Seasons

Photos in this series are, usually, taken on an iPhone3GS using the Camera+ Lightbox app. They are all taken in the same few spots on a regular basis. My aim was to capture some of the alterations in the view throughout the year.

Date is given in the standard Australian format (day / month / year) and time is in 24 hour clock format.

6 March 2012 – A lot happened in the sky in just this one evening!


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