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Facebook pages to “like”

I have something of a love/hate relationship with Facebook. One thing I like about it, though, is the convenience of following interesting social issues – usually environmentalist and feminist, for me – via the newsfeed.

Here are some pages that are worth “liking” and following. It’s really just the tip of the iceberg.

A Mighty Girl

Afghan Women’s Writing Project

Animals Australia

Asylum Seeker Resource Centre

Australian Conservation Foundation

Australian Folklore Unit

Australian Food Sovereignty Alliance

Australian Geographic

Australian Youth Climate Coalition

Beauty Is Inside

Body Ecology

Captain Paul Watson

Charter For Compassion

Edgar’s Mission


Listening Earth

Lock The Gate Alliance

New Internationalist Magazine


Patheos Progressive Christian Portal

Protect the Kimberley

Relevant Magazine

Ricki Heller (food writer)

Slow Food Melbourne

The A21 Campaign

True Activist

Welcome To Australia

Women Say Something

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Poem 17 of 30

We tap out our indignation,

we women, mothers, all adults here,

as though threatened by younger girls.

Fearful? Perhaps, but of what are we so scared?

Is it the youthfulness embodied by the women

who have not yet learned what it is to love,

to create life,

to live fully and

to be loved?

Do we not now extend a hand, or a kind thought,

to those who remind us of ourselves?

Or do we fear that to do so,

to get too close,

is to show up the age lines on our skin

and the hints of grey hair?

We are mothers who have not yet learned to mother,

fearing children as though they were an enemy

or a rival,

the hint of early womanhood

setting our men against us

because they see who we are:

frail, older, progressing inexorably to decay.

Yet, all must decay, sooner or later,

and we all succumb to the grind of time and entropy.

If only we knew that our words could live beyond us,

we would select them more wisely,

and pray that our speech reflected a good heart,

a kind heart.

And we fear each other:

crudely creating alliances on a shared hatred,

a common enemy,

scapegoats and stereotypes, all.

Missing the complexity of human life and story,

missing the value inherent in each other,

because we fear.

So, we sling our words as weapons,

not thinking nor knowing that

instead of making ourselves safe,

we have only proven ourselves


cold, and




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Poem 5 of 30

I shred myself on the knife-points of ‘shoulds,’

those neat lists of things that I want to be,

and things that I’m supposed to want –

knowing full-well that no one is so simple as to be

able to be reduced to



labels, or


And, yet, it doesn’t stop me trying to break myself on these words

and lists, because

good girls don’t want what I want,

so I must be deviant – or


Devise the punishments, and define the self-imposed martyrdom

for a cause in which I cannot believe:

all for hoping that it could make me



accepted, or


Tired of the work and effort involved in

forcing myself to be the thing I hate –

as though it mattered that I bow to the pressure

to be someone else.

It’s no mystery that it’s left me empty,

and that I feel



decaying, and


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