sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Poem 28 of 30

Burdened by grey skies and strange heat, as though nature didn’t make her mind today to be one thing or another. The weight of the unfallen rain settles on skin and the sun is lost behind desolate plains of cloud and bare branches.

The harsh light bathes the buildings and saps their colour. What was lifeless now becomes waste and warning, a warning to all that the meaning found in untouched soil and living trees is strangled by the grip of man’s hand and left for dead on mounds of bricks and poison.


Poem 27 of 30

How long will it take before the tears cease?
Before the pain finally subsides and numbs and all that’s left is
quiet, and peace?
He is lost to me.


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Poem 26 of 30

Hark! hear the call of the pizza
beckoning from the wood fired ovens beyond the shopping strip
Where ancient chewing gum lies dried upon the concrete path
And cash only payments
that a queue might form at the ATM.

Written after a suggestion from my husband.

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