sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Passing Seasons

Photos in this series are, usually, taken on an iPhone3GS using the Camera+ Lightbox app. They are all taken in the same few spots on a regular basis. My aim was to capture some of the alterations in the view throughout the year.

Date is given in the standard Australian format (day / month / year) and time is in 24 hour clock format.

6 March 2012 – A lot happened in the sky in just this one evening!


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The Tree Outside The Laundry, Part 1

Part of my series of photos noting the changing seasons in my part of Melbourne. In each series of images I try to take regular photographs at different times of day in the same few locations.

Dates are given in a day/month/year format; times as a 24-hour clock.

All photos taken on an iPhone3GS unless otherwise noted, using the Camera+ Lightbox app.

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flowers, trees and the moon

Roses - Melbourne, Australia - November 2011

Daisies – Melbourne, Australia – November 2011

[iPhone 3GS photo, edited in Camera+ and Instagram]

Trees and Moon - Melbourne, Australia - November 2011

The moon keeps rising in the afternoon. You can just see it here between the two leftmost trees.

[iPhone 3GS photo]


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