sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

NaPoWriMo 1, 2014

“Look up”

The Moon was my constant companion
back then.
Her cold silver light shone kindly upon me
when no one else would.

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Passing Seasons

Photos in this series are, usually, taken on an iPhone3GS using the Camera+ Lightbox app. They are all taken in the same few spots on a regular basis. My aim was to capture some of the alterations in the view throughout the year.

Date is given in the standard Australian format (day / month / year) and time is in 24 hour clock format.

6 March 2012 – A lot happened in the sky in just this one evening!


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flowers, trees and the moon

Roses - Melbourne, Australia - November 2011

Daisies – Melbourne, Australia – November 2011

[iPhone 3GS photo, edited in Camera+ and Instagram]

Trees and Moon - Melbourne, Australia - November 2011

The moon keeps rising in the afternoon. You can just see it here between the two leftmost trees.

[iPhone 3GS photo]


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