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December Stuff

While I sit here staring at the computer screen, waiting for the iTunes playlist to synch with my phone (at this moment it is currently copying number 54 of 444 songs), I thought I’d drop into the swamp and give a quick update on my insanely hectic existence of late. Mid-November until well into the new year is such a crazy time. It can be very exhausting but, let’s face it, if I didn’t get these months of high speed living out of my system on an annual basis, I would be a very, very bored individual.

There are fundamental assumptions that will undergird any discussion I make of this time of year (being November and December 2011). Firstly, this is meant to be a hot time of year. Admittedly, the spring weather has been wet, and summer so far, too. Add to that the fact that in this part of Australia the weather can fluctuate multiple times a day, and really, assuming that summer here is hot is based on weather stereotyping and labelling. Secondly, we celebrate Christmas in December. Christmas. Not “holidays”, not “politically neutral non-religious events”. People can celebrate what they want. Or not celebrate. Whatever. I celebrate Christmas.

On that note, here’s a little pictorial representation of existence, as highlighted through mediated and selected images that cannot encompass the full entirety of one’s existence.

I drew some pictures. Here are some before and after images of the drawings.

Unicorn, 2011

Unicorn, 2011

This one is notable for not being a unicorn. I’m not sure what, exactly, she is, but she isn’t a unicorn.



2011 - the finished drawing

A half-hearted and somewhat cynical attempt at watercolour painting.


…but look, I turned it into a redbubble sticker!

RedBubble.Com sticker, 2011

I persisted in doing weird things to my hair colour. And, for anyone who thought it was natural, sorry. I use a lot of hair dye to keep it looking its pink best. Two different shades of pink and a pinky purple, to be precise.

I amused myself by making a tower of tea and taking this photo on my mobile phone.

I was very excited to discover that the local health food store stocks a wide range of vegan-friendly food colourings. 

November 2011

 I put on a skull t-shirt and held a lamp at midnight.

I keep returning to a local alternative clothing store and trying on the wigs there. In real life I have long hair… I had to tie it up and stuff it into the wig.

December 2011

I went to an event where we were treated to some great food and beverages. This glass of wine was, I was told, from a AUD$360 bottle. Oh wow. Now that’s probably something I won’t ever get to try again. It certainly tasted amazing. I apologise for my lack of wine-connoisseur linguistic perspicuity, thus rendering me incapable of describing in detail the qualities of this wine that was made when I was a mere teenager.

(As it was a milestone birthday for yours truly rather recently, my teen years seem even further away… sigh!)

December 2011

I sometimes manage to pick up the bass guitar and play. Well, I try to play. I am grateful for the genius who invented guitar tabs. Yes, I can actually read the standard notation of the music, but I am so rusty after so many years not playing that the tabs are a huge help.

Jimi Hendrix's bassist's brilliance reduced to symbols on a page

I took the mini-mes toy shopping and turned around to see one of them looking like this. As a woman with something of a Star Wars addiction, I am very happy to see my kiddies following the same geeky path. This is a General Grievous mask. In case you didn’t know; but, if you don’t know, then you probably aren’t that into Star Wars to begin with. I can forgive you.

General Grievous mask, December 2011

I sat in the public library and read books. By “sat”, I mean, I sprawled across the couch and made it awkward for anyone who might have wanted to sit there.

This book is:

Nichols, David (2011). The Bogan Delusion. Mulgrave: Affirm Press

The Bogan Delusion

I am halfway through the book so far and really enjoying it on the sociological, Melbournian, Australian and country bumpkin levels. As a former resident of one of the regions described so far, I have to this point found it a sympathetic, open-minded and intelligent response to the liberal application of the “bogan” label to, in short, people that Australians think they don’t like. I highly recommend it. If you don’t know what a “bogan” is, either read the book, or question whether you are really Australian. Unless of course you’re not Australian and you know it; in which case, don’t expect to just know what a bogan is. Or isn’t.

Well, my phone finished synching as I wrote this; it’s time to brace myself for the Christmas and New Years madness.


water splashed on tiles and stuff like that

I can’t explain how it happened or why, but sometime recently I realised that I like the patterns that water creates when splashed on the tiles in the shower. Admittedly I think that the brown-tiled shower in our run down abode is terribly ugly, but here’s what it looks like in black-and-white. (It’s less awful when you can’t see the brown.) Picture a whole shower-full of tiles just like this:

Shower Tiles With Water Splashed On Them - September 2011

Maybe it’s just my wandering imagination, but I realised that I get ideas for drawings by staring at the water splashes. It’s ridiculous, I know – but it seems to work for me.

Here’s the first drawing I made based on the abstract shapes I saw on the shower tiles:

Drawing - September 2011

There are others I am currently working on; if I like them enough to share, then share them I shall.


from the sketchbook

21 August 2011, fineliner on paper



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