sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

watching the rising moon

29 August 2011. Gel pen on paper.

I drew this during my trip to Queensland, while sitting on the balcony of our holiday apartment, and as I tried desperately to ignore the couple swimming in the pool below us. As the moon rose, I found my imagination going wild as I observed the shifting patterns of clouds and shadows passing across the glowing orb. Well, I guess technically it doesn’t really glow because it’s not self-illuminating, it merely reflects sunlight. But… let’s not get pedantic here.


humpback whales, Queensland

Here is the last batch of the photos of my whale watching trip off the Sunshine Coast in Queensland, Australia, in August 2011.

17 August 2011, Nikon D40 camera

Toward the end of our time at sea that day, a pod of three whales headed south let their curiosity get the better of them and they approached us. That was an amazing moment, as these massive, otherworldly animals rose out of the water to look at us. While we did not see any of the incredible acrobatics for which humpback whales are renowned, we did have the amazing experience of interacting with them. They seemed fascinated by the noise and movement on the boat as several of us waved and cheered at them.

I am grateful for the work of activists such as Sea Shepherd who seek to protect and conserve ocean fauna from human exploitation and greed. And I am grateful I had the opportunity to get so close to the whales we saw that day – about seven whales. And a few dolphins, too.


humpback whales, Queensland




17 August 2011, Nikon D40 camera.



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