sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Poem 30 of 30

It had to end, somehow.

It was a closeness too close to be sustained

without it falling in one direction or another.


To become as one, one mind, one flesh,

to be forever bound in soul and spirit:

impossible for mortal fools who stepped already onto such a path

never to find a second chance to turn back and start over.

To diverge somewhere along the way:

necessary for the one who let her heart be won over

by the words of a new voice that had no place to speak but

who whispered thoughts of love into her ear.


There’s the dead end. The barrier at the edge of the path

and she sees its full warning and declaration:

to forge ahead is to find adventure, a new zeal for life and unmarked territory

but one plagued by curses of death and disease.

To climb the wall is to accept certain suffering

for no good reason.


There’s the end point, and the only answer:

it’s not good enough to throw oneself off the cliff’s edge

for though the fall is exhilarating,

she will meet her end impaled on the jagged rocks

and the blood that will be shed

is too significant and too important to waste in a violent libation to the earth.


She watches the moon rise and thinks of him,

the sunset and thinks of him.

His name plays endlessly on her mind

until she is sick from the thought of him

and the knowledge that somewhere, now,

at any moment she lets her heart rest on him

he is not thinking of her.


Silence reigns over her and she is afraid to speak

lest the deepest recesses of the darkness that plagues her

finds voice and gives away the secrets.

There is only one who can know, and it’s not him,

it’s another one,

one who alone can carry her dark thoughts away

and exchange them for light:

pure light, greater than she can perceive

until all the curses woven into her body

are burned away.



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Poem 27 of 30

How long will it take before the tears cease?
Before the pain finally subsides and numbs and all that’s left is
quiet, and peace?
He is lost to me.


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Poem 25 of 30

Lean in, lean closer and let the warmth of your skin radiate to mine so that the air between us is mingled life and desire.
Do you sense it, too? The way the brush of your fingers over mine when we stand too close
sets my heart racing and my mind soaring
and it seems that time slows to this moment
where nothing around me means anything anymore –
because it’s not of you.
It seems so simple to press in, there, a little nearer to you
and I see the way the light catches your eyes
those irises coloured so uniquely
like cold skies over an icy wasteland
and your heart is like a wild storm
and I would throw my arms out to catch the rain and lightning
Not caring if I lived or died –
Just wanting, needing to feel your strength around me
The urgency of your touch
and the way time and place no longer matters as long as you’re here.

Step back, breathe the chill night air and the warmth dissipates away.
I wonder if you know what it’s done to me to stand so near.
Please don’t go.


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