sunrise over swamps

sunset over melancholy seas

Poem 20 of 30

The winter air has arrived before its time,

travelling north from icy Antarctic wastelands.

The wind is cold and seeps into the marrow

until the heartbeat slows and the mind turns inward,

falling into itself in a prison made of frozen bone pillars.

There is nothing left but

to watch the blue skies peer between the storm clouds.


[In case it’s not immediately obvious, this was written at the culmination of a very chilly autumn day in the southern part of mainland Australia. It can get very cold here!]

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silver birch tree

31 August 2011. 

A silver birch tree on the last day of winter.

(Winter in my part of the world is June, July and August.)


out for a walk

Melbourne, Australia - August 2011

Melbourne, Australia - August 2011


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